Commercial Opportunities

It makes sound financial sense for you, and your clients, to strengthen your deck of services with an effective hull cleaning solution. And the good news is that HullWiper’s Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is more affordable to lease and easier to operate than you might think.

No divers are involved, so the ROV can do the job night or day, and in most weather conditions, even whilst loading or unloading is underway. The result is a clean hull in just hours, more revenue for your business, and fuel savings for your customers.

We provide a total training package, including periodic training on-site throughout the lease term, to ensure all operators are operating HullWiper professionally and maintaining all equipment correctly.

24/7 technical support is on hand and all locations, including yours, will benefit from the experienced global sales and marketing team supporting HullWiper.

Key advantages:

HullWiper is safe, easy to use and eco-friendly. Boost your business and improve your service package by joining our growing band of partners.