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Onboard Solution

Flexibility, performance and cost-savings

HullWiper’s Onboard Solution is an extension of its established diver- and brush-free hull cleaning Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) already available in ports worldwide.

The introduction of an onboard solution adds greater flexibility to the provision of cost-effective and ecologically-friendly hull cleaning, effectively enabling any type of vessel to remove fouling on demand. Vessels on a tight schedule can perform a partial or full hull clean on a planned rotation. Cruise and superyachts can clean at every stop without interruption to their timetables or inconvenience to passengers. The ROV can be included in the design phase for newbuilds by way of an on-deck solution, door or hatch in the side of the hull or through a futuristic moon pool.

The HullWiper technical team approach all discussions with a focus on flexibility to find the best, most cost-effective solution. Technical support starts with a comprehensive training plan on operating the safe and user-friendly ROV at the HullWiper Training Centre in Dubai, followed by onboard training. Round-the-clock support and a technical team is on standby to reach any vessel.

The HullWiper Onboard Solution is available now.


  • Selecting hard coatings for a vessel
    • Proactive grooming prevents hull fouling, provides maximum efficiency and enhances performance at all times
    • Lasts longer than soft coatings (approximately 10 years vs 5 years) resulting in shorter time in dry docks and avoiding expensive repair costs
    • Gives owner flexibility to sail in iced and tropical waters i.e. cruise ships
  • Selecting soft coatings for a vessel
    • HullWiper has completed tests on silicone soft coatings with simulation of weekly grooming for a 5- year period. The results were positive, leaving a smoother coating than before grooming started, independently verified by a German laboratory – LimnoMar Hamburg
  • Instant inspections
    • HullWiper can be deployed in minutes – quickly and safely
    • If a vessel touches bottom and moves to deeper waters HullWiper can be deployed immediately for live inspection of any potential damage
  • Proactive inspections for the benefit of hull & machinery insurance
    • Carried out before and after grooming, showing submerged areas are in good mechanical condition can assist in securing discounts and lower insurance premiums
    • A proper preventative maintenance plan can also help lower premiums
  • Cleaning-on-demand
    • Vessels on tight schedules can do partial cleaning on planned rotation
    • LNG & container vessels must meet tight schedules as downtime to clean will cost money.
    • Cruise ships and superyachts can clean at every stop without interrupting schedules or inconveniencing passengers
  • Cost-savings & sustainability
    • Operating a clean cruise ship can save approximately USD1m per year on fuel and help reduce carbon emissions
    • Deterioration of hull and propeller performance between dry docking accounts for approximately 20-30 billion USD = 1/10th of the world’s fleet fuel costs
    • This fuel burn increases carbon emissions by 0.3%

Industry benefits

  • Oil & gas vessels
    • Vessels sit for long periods of time collecting marine fouling
    • A drillship or FPSO hull can be cleaned whenever required to maintain its condition
    • Regular cleaning reduces dry docking expenses and steaming costs, and allows them to enter port for fuel, spares, maintenance, crew and provisions before heading to their next destination
  • Cruise ships & mega yachts
    • These vessels have to look good but are expensive to run, cleaning in port at night or whilst passengers are onshore keeps up appearance whilst lowering fuel bills
  • Merchant ships
    • Merchant vessels like container ships and LNG carriers operate on tight schedules; cleaning-on-demand ensures no downtime, no damage to coatings, big fuel savings and significantly reduced CO2 emissions
  • Military
    • Fuel efficiency is a big concern for navies struggling with energy costs
    • Security is also an issue with heavy restrictions or even prohibition on any non-approved personnel approaching vessels
    • Having an onboard hull cleaning solution enables navy crew to clean the vessel themselves, on demand