Commercial Opportunties

There are big changes on the horizon for hull cleaning, driven by ever increasing focus on safety and the environment. HullWiper addresses both.

Not only does our Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) drastically reduce the risk to life as no divers are used, it also eliminates the danger of invasive foreign species being released into the water during cleaning. No small feat in light of the IMO naming invasive species “one of the greatest threats to the ecological and the economic well-being of the planet.” With ever more stringent new regulations coming into force soon, proactive management of vessels demands regular cleaning and careful measures to avoid giving invasive species a free ride.

HullWiper also plays a role in reducing the CO2 emissions from ships. Proactive hull cleaning boosts efficiency, which means vessels burn less fuel and reduce their emissions. It’s a valuable tool in helping ship owners and operators demonstrate that they are taking steps to manage their performance.

HullWiper is already active in multiple locations worldwide. We are now seeking companies interested in leasing the ROV to add their own operation to our network and make our ground-breaking solution available at even more locations.

Leasing the HullWiper ROV is an affordable and straightforward proposal which adds a valuable new product to strengthen your existing deck of services or a starting point from which to build a new business.

No divers are involved, so the ROV can do the job night or day, and in most weather conditions, even whilst loading or unloading is underway, dramatically reducing downtime for the vessel owner. The result is a clean hull in just hours, more revenue for your business, and fuel savings for your customers.

We provide a total training package, including periodic training on-site throughout the lease term, to ensure all operators are operating HullWiper professionally and maintaining all equipment correctly. 24/7 technical support is on hand at all locations, and you will benefit from the experienced global sales and marketing team supporting HullWiper as well as immediate access to our growing list of repeat customers.

HullWiper is safe, easy to use and eco-friendly. Join our growing band of partners to boost your business and improve your service package.

Key Advantages

  • Safe
    • No divers
  • Fast
    • Variable and increased cleaning speed dependent on biofouling and coating condition
  • No brushes or abrasives
    • Uses variable pressure seawater as a medium for cleaning
  • Environmentally compliant
    • Non-aggressive cleaning does not damage the anti-fouling paint
  • Quick
    • Instant mobilisation / demobilisation
  • No downtime
    • Cleaning possible 24/7 and during cargo loading and unloading
  • Versatile
    • Cleans all types of vessels