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Reflections and Resolutions

19 Dec 2023

19 Dec23 Reflections and resolutions

Authored by HullWiper.

As 2023 draws to a close, we can all reflect on a year marked by resilience and triumphs. We've faced challenges, both small and big, and celebrated victories along the way. From navigating uncertainties to embracing positive shifts, the journey of the past year for many of us within our industry and others has been one of adaptability and growth.

And it has been no different for the HullWiper family! Every challenge we faced became a steppingstone, and every success stands as a testament to the collective spirit of our team or as we say, “the family”. As they share their experiences and insights of the past year with you, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for each of their individual and collective contributions, showcasing the true strength of our family and making 2023 another positive year to remember as we collectively move in the right direction, and we understand how we are going to get there.

Progress, innovation and personal triumphs

In the past year, David Jones, Technical Manager, observed positive changes as conditions returned to 99% normalcy from the challenges of the COVID era. Travel opportunities and a family holiday in the Philippines were among his highlights. What caught his attention is that his kids are growing up too fast and as a keen fisherman, David expressed his pride, saying, 'I was thrilled to see my daughter win her group in the UAE Fishing Tournament and catch her first Mako shark.' On the work front, David and his team recognize that ongoing Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) innovation is crucial to staying ahead of the market. Substantial research and development efforts went into software development and hardware upgrades for our unit. Looking toward 2024, David is excited about potential hub location setups in Brazil and Bahrain. Additionally, he eagerly anticipates the growth of his wife’s new salon business, which may positively impact his early retirement plans!

Spending time with his family provided Wilhelm Alberts, ROV Technical Supervisor, with a valuable anchor and source of balance throughout the challenges and highlights of 2023. He found the past year to be a mix of both positive and challenging experiences, but generally mostly positive. A memorable moment for Wilhelm involved his work on a few Navy vessels, providing him with valuable insights and experience in dealing with these types of vessels. “Each year unfolds in its own unique way, prompting creative thinking and the generation of fresh ideas,” says Wilhelm. “I look forward to the ongoing growth and success of HullWiper with new changes, projects and developments in the coming year.”

2023 marked a year of significant personal and professional growth for Mitch Malpass, ROV Technician. His extended trip to our Panama hub, among the longest in his career, provided him with valuable insights into effective team leadership and motivation, ensuring consistently high standards of service delivery and ROV maintenance. Reflecting on this experience, he shares, “I put a lot of pressure on myself to get the team running as a more cohesive and solid unit. The results spoke for themselves, with the highest number of cleans performed in a month.” Looking ahead to 2024, one of Mitch's goals is to finalise his prototype ROV 500 series and perform a cleaning operation within the first quarter. He is excited about the potential success of the prototype contributing to the establishment of new global locations. A personal highlight of the year for Mitch was the opportunity to foster many dogs alongside his partner. Despite the bittersweet emotions of saying goodbye, there is a deep sense of joy in knowing they played a role in helping them find their forever homes, filled with happiness and love.

Reflecting on the past year, it has been quite a journey for Rhys Johnson, ROV Technician, who takes pride in the progress he has made. Personally, he has had incredible experiences, forged new friendships and gained valuable self-insights. Professionally, Rhys has seized exciting opportunities, achieved goals and refined his skills. A standout moment in 2023 was the chance to travel to Sri Lanka, France and Mauritius. Each country left a lasting mark, from the breathtaking beaches of Mauritius to the captivating architecture of France. "The unfolding future always sparks my excitement, and I am eager to see what 2024 will bring with the possibilities of new beginnings, marked by technological advancements, industry transformations and opportunities for growth and success," he says.

A significant milestone was achieved by Daniel Wilson, Stock Control Supervisor, who successfully implemented and launched our E-store, a project embraced by all our partner locations to purchase spares and parts for the ROV. “It’s a testament to our collective commitment to innovation and efficiency, ensuring a smooth experience for our network,” he says. Additionally, Daniel dedicated himself to gaining a deeper understanding of our ROV and its components, contributing to operational efficiencies. Looking ahead to 2024, he aims to further refine our processes, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction. Encouraged to maintain a healthy work/life balance, Daniel took up cycling for health and stress relief and made sure to make time for his favorite hobby – fishing!

Ajit Mathew, Finance Manager, enjoyed a year of reconnecting with friends, relatives and colleagues. Attending a lavish Indian wedding in Dubai stood out as one of his highlights, showcasing the richness of Indian culture from colorful ceremonies to festive dances. As Ajit reflects on the upcoming year, he emphasizes the significance of 2024 as the Year of the Dragon and says, “I believe 2024 holds great promise for the HullWiper family, and I’m committed to ensuring our financial strategies align with our vision for a successful and prosperous new year.”

Marked by a year of challenges, growth, and teamwork, Melamie Malaluan, QA & Administration Manager, shares, “With the guidance of Simon Doran, our Managing Director, and the support of my colleagues, every challenge became an opportunity to learn and improve.” Completing courses in Mental Health, Employee Relations, and Compliance and Ethics proved personally and professionally enriching. Approaching the new year, her focus is on taking charge and effectively managing her role at HullWiper while balancing work and personal life. “I aim to take ownership and adopt a balanced approach,” she says.

Looking back over the past year, Salvador Awingan, Office Administrator, consistently sought ways to contribute to our company’s success and growth. Recognising the importance of fostering strong connections with our customers through loyalty and trust, he enrolled in a customer service course. This course enlightened him about the impact that small actions can have on achieving business success. Inspired by this knowledge, Salvador initiated a customer feedback survey, inviting customers to share honest reviews about their experiences with HullWiper. These insights have proven invaluable for continually enhancing our service quality and surpassing customer expectations. Salvador is optimistic about 2024, anticipating HullWiper’s continued impact by providing sustainable hull cleaning solutions to ship owners and operators worldwide.

Jean Richmond, Communications Consultant, finds a strong connection between loving what you do, enjoying who you work with and personal fulfillment - a belief shared and encouraged within by the HullWiper family. “This year has had its fair share of challenging times, but also shared successes,” she says. “Collaborating with colleagues who cultivate a culture of positive resilience and unity makes the difference between a good day and a bad day." Jean highlights that she continually receives encouragement to think outside the box when shaping the branding and messaging of HullWiper as the leader in sustainable hull cleaning solutions. With an ongoing commitment to creative thinking and innovative marketing, Jean sees 2024 as a year where we will continue to solidify our position as the leader in setting green hull cleaning standards around the world.

A tide of opportunities

All of these challenges have allowed usto reflect on what is truly important and what my priorities in life are and how to promote this within our whole family.

We are also fortunate that this last year has endorsed in us that the HullWiper family prides itself on being a substantive organisation, committed to a quality and efficient service and meaningful engagement with our partners and principals, all in a manner that promotes cooperation, innovation, with a large portion of promoting a safe, secure, and environmentally sustainable solution for the industry.

And our resolution looking forwards and from all at the HullWiper family is that we wish you and yours all the happiness during the festive period and a happy and healthy 2024.