HullWiper | HullWiper leads the change in green hull cleaning

HullWiper leads the change in green hull cleaning

23 Sep 2021

21 Sep21 Hull Wiper leads the change in green hull cleaning Photo So Me

Setting sustainability targets is now an established goal of the maritime industry. The negative impact on our marine eco-system caused by carbon emissions from vessels has led the industry to actively utilise eco-friendly solutions to achieve net carbon zero operations in ports, and oceans, around the world.

As the International Maritime Organization continues its efforts to reduce harmful CO2 emissions from the shipping sector by 40% by 2030, ship owners and operators have the responsibility of implementing energy-efficient solutions that will meet the target. It has never been more vital for them to invest in companies that embrace sustainability as it ensures a safe, green and profitable future.

Getting to the bottom of it

An enemy of the environment which global shipping and the oceans are facing is the spread of invasive aquatic species (IAS). Commonly known as biofouling, these harmful marine species are the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, small creatures and algae that attach to a ship's hull and are then transported to foreign waters. The introduction of IAS to a new environment is known to lead to the rapid decline in the health of local marine fauna and flora.

Biofouling has been identified as a major threat to the world's ocean life and the conservation of biodiversity. Traditional methods of hull cleaning using divers with brushes or karts contribute to the cross-pollination of foreign marine species as removed fouling is released back into local waters. So, what is the safe and green alternative?

Sustainable technology

With ports, governments and shipping associations around the world implementing stricter measures to combat biofouling, HullWiper’s revolutionary underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) provides an eco-friendly solution to maintaining a clean hull.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. Largest global footprint ROV service provider with biofouling capture capability

With its onboard filter unit, HullWiper's ROV captures all removed fouling throughout the cleaning process. These residues are then deposited into dedicated drums onshore for safe disposal through a locally approved environmental waste company. HullWiper's wastewater filtering effectiveness is supported by AMT Environmental, an environmental analysis and consulting professional.

2. Safety and environmental sustainability are at the core of what we do

HullWiper is dedicated to actively contributing to the preservation of our oceans whilst meeting the needs of the global shipping community. Our eco-friendly solution ensures that vessel hulls remain free from fouling for extended periods of time. A clean hull saves on fuel, helps to reduce a ship’s carbon footprint and contributes to a clean and green planet. All our operations are conducted in compliance with IMO, IMCA and local port regulations.

3. It’s not just words, (Talk is Cheap) it’s actions

HullWiper’s award-winning technology improves vessel efficiency and reduces its carbon footprint. Studies have shown that a slight buildup of slime on a ship’s hull can lead to a speed loss of 0.5 knots, increasing vessel drag resulting in fuel consumption of up to 20%. Regular hull cleaning saves on time, fuel and ship owners / operators bottom-line.

4. Changing the hull cleaning landscape

Day or night, in most weather conditions and whilst cargo or bunker fuel operations are underway, HullWiper uses adjustable seawater jets to remove fouling without damage to expensive anti-fouling coatings. Hull cleaning intervals with the ROV could extend 2-3 times longer compared to traditional methods. The ROV is operated by trained technicians onshore or onboard a dedicated ship which dramatically reduces the risk to human life.

5. Our green credentials

HullWiper delivers on the core principals of corporate sustainability targets. We are one of the four founding members of the IMO’s Global Industry Alliance (GIA) for Marine Biosafety. GIA works with the IMO’s GloFouling Partnerships Project to help accelerate the development of technological solutions to help prevent hull fouling. We are also actively involved within BIMCO and AMPP technical steering committees, with input in the writing of active legislation for global hull cleaning and inspections standards.

Our hull cleaning ROV provides ship owners and operators with a green solution for their business and to meet the targets set out by the IMO. To find out how you can save time, money and marine environment contact our team at [email protected] or visit our website at