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HullWiper key speaker at Brookes Bell’s first Biofouling Workshop

04 Dec 2019

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Representatives from throughout the maritime community were given a presentation by HullWiper on the future of safe, eco-friendly and sustainable hull cleaning at Brookes Bell’s first Biofouling Workshop held in Liverpool, UK.

The event hosted by the leading multi-disciplinary technical and scientific consultancy for the marine and energy sectors, brought together marine lawyers / solicitors, scientists, technology and paint companies and other interested parties to discuss the basics of marine biofouling, its harmful effect on our sensitive marine environment and technologies available to combat the spread of invasive aquatic species and how this was prevalent in performance claims and / or warranty claims between charterers, owners and other related parties.

HullWiper’s presentation was made by Managing Director Simon Doran, who says: “The negative impact of marine biofouling not only affects our seas, it also has a direct impact on ship owners and operators who need to start complying with the growing regulations from local port authorities to do their part in reducing cross-pollination of fouling on vessel hulls. There will always be a need to educate, inform and provide solutions to save our oceans and create awareness while there is still time.”

A core focus of the event was to highlight the effects that biofouling has around the world, global warming effects, how biofouling can be treated and awareness of laws or clauses the maritime community need to know.

HullWiper’s Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) global underwater hull cleaning solution gives ship owners and operators access to technology that minimises hull fouling on vessels and ensures they can comply with local port regulations.