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HullWiper introduces the future of hull cleaning at Navalia International Shipbuilding Exhibition

04 Jun 2018

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HullWiper Ltd has responded to growing calls for eco-friendly hull cleaning solutions from an industry facing ever more anti-biofouling regulations, with the on-board version of its Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), unveiled in May 2018 at the three-day Navalia International Shipbuilding Exhibition in Vigo, Spain.

The event attracted more than 25,000 shipping professionals, including representatives from owners, shipbuilders and naval architects, many of whom are closely involved in sourcing solutions to reducing greenhouse gases and improving efficiency and performance.

By developing the ‘HullWiper On-board Solution’ an extension of HullWiper’s already successful diver- and brush-free hull cleaning, the company is opening the way for the innovative and affordable ROV to be included in the design phase for newbuilds, by way of an on-deck solution, hidden door or through a futuristic moon pool. The HullWiper can also be added on deck for existing vessels. It also offers The HullWiper On-board solution’ provides owners and operators a flexible cleaning option which will allow them to remove hull fouling on demand without disruption to tight schedules or necessitating costly downtime.

HullWiper’s General Manager Laurance Langdon introduced the onboard solution during a technical presentation at the conference, in which he introduced the future of hull cleaning through detailed explanation of the changing hull cleaning regulations which are beginning to be seen globally, and how they are impacting all vessels worldwide.

“Managing energy efficiency and performance means reducing greenhouse emissions and controlling biofouling on hulls to counter the negative effects of invasive aquatic species,” he told the audience attending the event. “An effective cleaning management plan includes implementing best practices to manage biofouling, which our cost-effective onboard solution provides. Working side by sie with the owner, architect and shipyard, our technical team can ensure that the best solution is in place to provide the best results.”

The team at the HullWiper stand explained the benefits of the cleaning unit in contributing to the longevity of hull coatings and reducing operating costs and harmful CO2 emissions. As well as cleaning on demand, the onboard version makes it possible to conduct instant inspections whenever needed, as the unit can be deployed in minute. Such proactive inspections and cleaning management planning can also have a positive impact on insurance premiums.

HullWiper uses variable seawater jets as the cleaning medium, instead of brushes or abrasives, minimising the risk of damage to expensive anti-fouling coatings. No divers are used, so there is no risk to human life and cleaning can be carried out day or night, in most weather conditions. Removed residues and harmful materials are collected by the system’s integral onboard filter for ecological disposal onshore with an approved supplier. HullWiper provides onsite training at their training centre in Dubai, followed by onboard training for the safe and easy-to-use ROV.

Launched in Dubai in December 2013, HullWiper now operates in ports in Sweden, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and - on an ad hoc basis - at key locations across the Middle East.

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