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HullWiper congratulates winner of inaugural ‘The Captain’s Table’ event

25 Nov 2019

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Portcast recognised for innovative predictive data analysis for the maritime and logistics sectors

HullWiper Ltd has paid tribute to the maritime predictive data portal Portcast after it was named the winner of the Young Professionals in Shipping Network (YSPN) Hong Kong’s first ‘The Captain’s Table’ competition. Portcast CEO, Nidhi Gupta, accepted the award at the inaugural event sponsored by HullWiper in Hong Kong on 19 November 2019.

’The Captain’s Table’ initiative is open to innovators and start-up entrepreneurs working with the maritime and logistics industry. From submissions received from 14 countries, Singapore- based Portcast was named the winner. Founded in 2017, the portal provides predictive data analytics to the maritime industry, helping logistics companies with demand forecasting, automated pricing and capacity utilisation. The machine-learning platform uses real-time external data to predict cargo flows.

“Ocean and maritime innovation is critical to the sustainability of our oceans, and Portcast is a shining example of how forward-thinking companies can harness technology to make a real difference,” says Laurance Langdon, HullWiper General Manager. “Innovation is at the heart of our underwater hull cleaning solutions, so we know first-hand how important a role technology plays in bringing about positive disruptive change to the industry.

“Collaboration is the only way to help our oceans, which is why HullWiper is always keen to give back and support and share experiences with fellow innovators.”

Other finalists shortlisted for the award were Quaychian, Marified, Tow-botics Systems, Searoutes and Irwin Rotational Linings.

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Nidhi Gupta, Portcast CEO (third from left, front row)