HullWiper | How continuous learning drives success at HullWiper

How continuous learning drives success at HullWiper

17 Oct 2023

17 October 2023 How continuous learning drives success at Hull Wiper

Authored by HullWiper.

In today's business world, the significance of fostering a strong learning culture and philosophy within organisations cannot be overstated. We believe that continuous learning is valuable and essential, and whilst investing in our HullWiper family is our priority, learning is an investment that we take seriously at HullWiper.

By encouraging interest in our HullWiper family, we are creating an environment for them to ask questions and explore opportunities to learn and grow. A well-trained team is not just an asset; it’s vital for our continued success and for nurturing our expertise to enhance the efficiency and performance of our Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) capabilities, ultimately contributing to the health of our oceans and the integration of best sustainability practices.

Our commitment to learning extends from mandatory courses through the GAC Corporate Academy (GCA) incorporating Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE), Compliance and Ethics and Cybersecurity Awareness to using third-party education institutions for individual staff development.

Now, let’s read directly from our family about their learning experiences and how these principles shape their personal and professional achievements.

In their words

A firm believer in the power of continuous learning, David Jones, our Technical Manager, has completed a comprehensive list of courses including GCA’s GAC Financial Essentials and Working Smart with Office 365, and third-party courses covering Autodesk Inventor (CAD), High-Performing Teams and Managing Safety with The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). When asked about the impact of these courses, David shares, "Constant learning and development are critical to me as I apply many of my newly learned skills not just in work but within my personal life too.” He adds that the CAD course has benefited him the most as it has allowed him to design and prototype new ideas for the ROV and increase development speed. He also uses the modeling sometimes for personal projects, making it a valuable asset inside and outside of work.

Over the past few years, Wilhelm Alberts, ROV Technical Supervisor, has completed a series of GCA courses including Freight Forwarding Fundamentals, Foundations of Leadership Performance, Managing Employee Relations, Warehouse Inventory Management, Working Smart with Office 365 and Personal and Professional Development. Additionally, he completed external courses on Basic Electricity and Electronics and IOSH – Managing Safety. Wilhelm says, “For me, learning is a lifelong journey that is an absolute must to keep up with new ideas, technology and processes to stay in the forefront of evolving fields.”

Our ROV Technician, Mitchel Malpass, recently completed a course in CAD and has already started witnessing the tangible benefits it brings to improving various aspects of the ROV. “While I know there is still more to explore within this program, the training has already allowed me to start designing and drawing parts for the ROV,” he says. “I’ve even taken it a step further, manufacturing and 3D printing some of these components.” For Mitchel, learning is not just about acquiring new skills but putting them to practical use to make a real difference in our operations.

Rhys Johnson, ROV Technician, learning journey took him through a year-long online Hydraulics Safety Training for ROV Technicians and Engineers course with MTCS UK, specialists in competence management and training for personnel involved in safety-critical activities and now holds the certification of a qualified Stage 1 ROV Hydraulics Technician. Rhys shares his experience, saying, "This course greatly improved my knowledge of ROV hydraulics systems, making me more efficient in my job to contribute to improved ROV performance through troubleshooting, performing repairs and designing hydraulic piping layouts.” In addition, he has also completed the CAD course, enabling him to design parts for the ROV and various equipment. His experiences underscore how continuous learning develops our team's capabilities.

Embarking on a multifaceted learning journey, our Stock Control Supervisor Daniel Wilson has successfully completed several courses. Among these, the GCA’s Personal and Professional Development equipped him with skills that are not only valuable in the workplace but also essential in personal growth. Additionally, Daniel underwent comprehensive Fire Warden Training, ensuring that he possesses the expertise needed to contribute to a safe work environment for our team. Reflecting on these experiences, Daniel says, "These courses have been instrumental in broadening my knowledge and skills, offering me a holistic perspective on personal and professional development.”

Melamie Malaluan, our QA and Administration Manager, values a company that supports employee learning and development. She has completed several GCA courses including Customer Relationship Management, Managing Employee Relations, Managing Mental Wellbeing, Mental Health First Aid and Team Building and Leadership, as well as external courses for Fire Safety Fundamentals and Root Cause Analysis and Correction Actions. As Melamie aptly puts it, "These courses have been transformative, enhancing my confidence, self-worth and commitment, both personally and professionally." Her journey highlights how learning enriches individuals by contributing to their growth.

Marked by a dedication to self-improvement and commitment to excellence, our Office Administrator Salvador Awingan recently completed a two-day online program, Developing a World-Class Customer Service. It has equipped him with essential skills for delivering exceptional customer service. In his role, Salvador interacts with customers frequently, making this training invaluable. He emphasizes that “customer service is not just about satisfying their needs; we should be able to identify their needs before they even tell us.” This means having an excellent product, service delivery mindset and personal attitude to earn their loyalty and confidence. His sentiments echo HullWiper’s commitment to excellence in all aspects of our operations.

Jean Richmond underscores the importance of continuous learning in her role as Communications Consultant, firmly believing "learning and development are the cornerstones of providing exceptional support to my colleagues and team members."

She has successfully completed several GCA courses, such as the Introduction to the GAC World, Effective Business Writing, Effective Presentation Skills, and Working Smart with Office 365. Additionally, she has proactively pursued various online courses to enhance her corporate communication expertise.

Wall of fame

We proudly display the certifications and achievements of our team on our “Wall of Fame” in our office in Dubai, UAE. We see it as a conscious daily reminder to us when we walk into the office in the mornings for either team briefings and or orders that each certificate represents not just an individual’s accomplishments but our collective commitment to excellence.

Knowledge through learning improves our lives, it help us make better and informed choices, and means we contribute positively to the community, the company, and our family as a whole.