HullWiper | GreenTech in Shipping Global Forum 2019

GreenTech in Shipping Global Forum 2019

07 Mar 2019

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Diver-free, remotely operated systems are the future of hull cleaning. That’s the message HullWiper General Manager Laurance Langdon delivered as keynote speaker at the GreenTech in Shipping Global Forum in February 2019.

“It was a great opportunity to explore the future outlook on hull cleaning, and to engage with key stakeholders about how future regulations will impact the shipping industry,” he says.

He told the forum that the launch of the IMO Glofouling Partnership Project in November last year, focusing on invasive alien species and the associated risks, coupled with BIMCO’s plan to establish a hull cleaning standard and the IMO’s initiative to collect ships’ performance data, will result in a very different world for vessel owners and operators.

“The issue of biofouling affecting sailing speed and efficiency has been around since the Ancient Egyptians, and the issue of invasive species was recognised over 150 years ago. Even after the evolution from wooden ships and sails, through steam and iron, to modern engines and specially designed ships, we’re still talking about the same problems today. But now we recognise the additional damage caused by CO2 as a result of the fuel burn by ships,” explained Langdon.

“There’s a simple solution which will remove the invasive alien species risk and dramatically reduce fuel burn, in turn lowering CO2 emissions That is to proactively clean ships. That is where we see ROV technology like HullWiper, making a significant impact.”

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