HullWiper | Diving Deep with the HullWiper Operational Team

Diving Deep with the HullWiper Operational Team

05 Jan 2021

05jan21 diving deep with the hw operational team

Diving Deep with the HullWiper Operational Team

Ever wondered what goes into planning, prepping and implementing the necessary steps in starting a new HullWiper hull cleaning location? This week we’re diving deep with our skilled team of technical experts for a behind-the-scenes look at how they ensure everything goes smooth sailing when setting up a new operational base.


Once a new base has been confirmed, the HullWiper technical staff visit Norway where all the brand new HullWiper Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) are produced. A FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is performed on the unit, with near to 500 points needing to be checked and approved for ROV use. This test can take up to a week to complete but once given the green light, the ROV is ready to be shipped to its new location!


Previously the local team would kick-off with 2 weeks of technical training in Dubai for up to three operators per location. After training the HullWiper technical team start with the location set-up - over a couple of days. Once completed, there would be 2 weeks of operation training in the new location where a member of the HullWiper technical staff will teach the team how to clean ships with the HullWiper ROV.


With the global pandemic taking the world by storm we are now unable to have our operations training in Dubai and have had to change the model. The set-up of the HullWiper systems depends on whether the device is a lift-off, lift-on or a built-in system.

Two of our skilled tech team members currently carry out both the technical and operational training simultaneously at the location while the set-up is taking place over approximately 4 weeks.


Six months after the set-up has been completed, the HullWiper staff carries out an audit on the local team to see how they are progressing. This audit includes resolving any issues they may be confronting, building on the mutual working relationship, ensuring the correct and approved procedures are being followed and to cover any additional training that may be suitable for the local team based on the HullWiper staff’s initial findings.

After the six-month audit, our staff then conducts audits annually. This allows HullWiper to keep up-to-date with any technical challenges, get the local team’s feedback on research and development for future improvements and to carry out more in-depth training as they will have a better understanding of how the ROV works.

HullWiper's technical staff are on 24-hour standby to assist remotely should the local teams have an issue at any time. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, the HullWiper team fly out to assist them.


Once a month, HullWiper’s locations send up-to-date maintenance logs and inventory records for the HullWiper technical staff to review. This enables the technical team to flag any reoccurring issues that can be brought to the front of the HullWiper R&D department. The support and feedback HullWiper gets from their partners is invaluable as it serves as a mechanism to always find ways to improve on the ROV's design. Once a new development has been designed, built and extensively tested, it is offered to all locations.

The Green Machine

Launched in Dubai in December 2013, HullWiper’s eco-friendly Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) provides a safe, green and affordable hull cleaning technology for ship operators and owners. The patented ROV system makes use of adjustable seawater jets under adjustable pressure to remove fouling without the use of harsh brushes or abrasives. This minimises the risk of damage to costly anti-fouling coatings by a large margin. No divers are required which means there is zero risks to human life and cleaning is able to continue 24/7, while cargo operations are underway and in most weather conditions.

Residues removed from the vessel hull are collected using the system’s onboard filter and into dedicated drums on-shore in a locally approved environmentally-friendly way

By removing biofouling from the ship’s hull, this innovative ROV helps increase operational efficiency and reduce excessive vessel fuel costs thanks to a lighter, cleaner hull. Not only does this sustainable solution save oceanic eco-systems by curbing the spread of Invasive Aquatic Species (IAS) from spreading from one location to the next, it also minimises the output of CO2 emissions as a result of a decreased drag.

HullWiper operates in ports around the world including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Spain, Panama, Egypt, Australia, Namibia, United Arab Emirates and at key locations across the Middle East. New locations in Korea and Sri Lanka coming soon!

HullWiper is available for lease on an ad hoc basis where HullWiper does not have its own base. If you’re interested in starting up a new location, get in touch with the team today: [email protected]