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Convenience with the HullWiper onboard hull cleaning solution

16 Feb 2021

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In a world where convenience and efficiency are key, the demand for quick and accessible solutions is on the rise. Keeping abreast of the new era of maritime operations, HullWiper’s award-winning hull cleaning technology offers not only in-port services but cutting-edge onboard solutions as well.

The onboard version of the green, brush and diver-free ROV allows a flexible, affordable and safe hull cleaning solution for vessels on a tight schedule. A partial or full hull clean can be performed on-demand, as and when needed.


Cruise ships and mega yachts:

  • Cleaning in port at night or whilst passengers are onshore can keep up the luxurious vessel appearance whilst lowering fuel expenses.

Oil & Gas vessels:

  • Vessels generally sit for long periods of time accumulating marine fouling daily. An FPSO hull or drillship can maintain its condition with on-demand, periodic cleaning to reduce steaming costs and the expenses of dry docking. This also allows for port entry permitting vessels to access fuel, spares, maintenance, crew and provisions.

Merchant ships:

  • On-demand cleaning ensures no downtime, no damaged coatings, significant fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions for LNG carriers and container ships who operate on a tight schedule.


  • Having an onboard hull cleaning solution allows the navy crew to clean the vessels themselves when needed. This means that there will be no security breach with no unapproved personnel approaching vessels and will also help improve fuel efficiency for navies struggling with energy costs.


Proactive cleaning (“grooming”): prevents the collection of invasive aquatic species (IAS) on vessel hulls, provides maximum efficiency and boosts performance.

Instant inspections: in just minutes, the HullWiper ROV can be safely deployed for live inspection of any vessel damage.

Proactive inspections: inspections be performed for the benefit of hull cleaning and machinery insurance.

On-demand cleaning: a partial cleaning on a planned rotation can be performed on vessels with tight schedules.

Cost-savings: the on-board solution can reduce vessel fuel consumption by up to 40%.

The ROV doesn’t create coating cavities and re-growth of fouling is 2 - 3 times slower as opposed to divers using brushes to clean vessel hulls.

HullWiper cleans up to 5 times faster than traditional methods, whilst cargo operations are underway and is fully operational 24/7 ensuring no delay, deviations or downtime to visit a hull cleaning location.

Safety and sustainability (for humans and ocean life): the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) uses no divers in the water meaning there is no risk to human life.

Unlike any other hull cleaning ROVs on the market, the HullWiper’s removed residue retrieval system ensures all waste is disposed of on-shore using environmentally-friendly, port-approved methods.


With support that never falls short, HullWiper’s technical team focuses on flexibility by diving into all possible onboard options to create the most cost-effective solution for a vessel.

Once decided, a comprehensive training plan on operating the safe and easy-to-use ROV is led by the technical support staff in Dubai at the HullWiper Training Centre, followed by onboard training. A HullWiper technical team is on standby 24/7 to provide any vessel with round-the-clock support.


The onboard solution can be incorporated in the design phase of new builds and can be allocated a specific space:

  • On deck
  • On the door on the side of the vessel
  • Through the use of an advanced moon pool

The onboard version of the diver- and brush-free ROV gives vessels on a tight schedule the means to perform a partial or full hull clean on a planned rotation, as and when needed. Cruise ships and superyachts can clean at every stop without interruption to their timetables or inconvenience to passengers.


Unlike traditional methods that require the use of harsh chemicals, scrubbing or abrasive materials, HullWiper’s ROV unit sprays high-pressure seawater jets onto a vessel hull at an extremely high velocity to dislodge accumulated biofouling. Where conventional brush cleaning methods damage costly antifouling coatings, HullWiper’s seawater jets are adjusted to the required speed based on the accumulated fouling on the vessel hull, leaving expensive antifouling surfaces smooth and undamaged.

HullWiper’s ability to clean without harm to vessel coating is approved by the below global ship painting companies:

  • International Paint (a brand of AkzoNobel’s Marine & Protective Coatings)
  • Sigma Coatings (a brand of PPG Protective & Marine Coatings)
  • The Jotun Group
  • Chugoku Marine Paints
  • SeaCoat Technology

Shipowners and operators can proactively manage the effects of biofouling on vessel hulls and reduce costs by ensuring a clean ship hull.

If you’d like to find out more about what HullWiper’s eco-friendly, cost-effective onboard hull cleaning solution can do for your fleet or vessel, visit our website at for more or email our contact our operational team based in Dubai on [email protected].

If an onboard solution isn’t for you, be sure to make use of the following HullWiper hull cleaning port locations across the world: Middle East, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Spain, Egypt, Australia, Panama, Mauritius and Namibia (our latest addition). Korea and Sri Lanka coming soon!